How to break a person; 7 easy steps

1. Make the person trust you
Make her feel like the two of you are meant to be, in some way or another. Make her trust you when you say this will work out even though all obstacles are endlessly high and life long in duration. Make the person believe that you truly love her and want to be with her. convince her that only important is that you are together, no matter where and how.
The goal of this step is to make her feel that this relation will last until death tears you apart.

2. Build a protecting wall of possible obstacles
Put light on the outstandig problems you both are aware of might ruin the relation. Make her understand that people outside this relation may be the ones controlling it. At same time stress that these people and the situation in general are responsible for possible problems and following solution, not you. Important here is to convince her that you still will do all you can to solve these problems so two of you can go on as planned.

3. Take first step to agreement on the relation
Go home (preferably your home is far away so communication gets complicated by bad reception, expensive minute fee, time diff etcetera) with the plan to tell your parents about the relation and your common understanding to run it for real.

4. Act a bit vague
Act so that her female institution feel that something is terribly wrong. Answer all her questions with modified truth, but also with a tone that keeps her hope alive.

5. Get unreachable
Slowly get hard to contact. Ignore all calls and texts from her. The contact you still have, keep her on distance. Stop treat her as a partner, but just a random person instead. Give her stupid explanations that are obviously made up. But when you do this, also try to keep her hope alive by not want to break up when she begs you to for example.

6. Ignorance face to face
Once you are back at same place as her. Do not talk to her or pay any kind of attention to her, even though you spend lo of time at same place, work as an example. This step should be a long ongoing one so that she starts to get a bit table before you go on with next step.

7. Make it even worse
Break the news that you got engaged to someone else during your home stay in step 3. But do not tell her directly (since you haven't spoke for two month, why do it now), instead let her find out herself rumors way. This will be really effectfull since you haven't even come to a proper end for the relation with her and likewise this is where she hopefully will break into pieces. Maybe not from sadness but rather from disapointment and humiliation.


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